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Telly Nation

The WaterCooler is for discussing the hot topics of the day....so what happens when those topics get a little bit..well...less topical.  We stick them in here of course! You can still read them  but we have removed your ability to "add comments" because the older articles were getting hit by Spammers and Trolls for no apparent reason, and we were getting bored wasting our time cleaning up other people's graffiti when we could be writing intelligent and meaningful words of our own ;)

If you would like to join in lively televisual debate then click on our "community" link and join our email group.

Older topics from the Watercooler are stored here - You can no longer add your comments here.

In This Section

Will the move to BBC2 kill off Top Of The Pops?

Reality TV - should it stay or should it go?

Karon gets all heated up about what has been on TV in the past twelve months and sugests some changes for the New Year

Doctor who will be back on our screens soon. Are we excited? Anne-Marie is....

As we ponder who might be the next Doctor, could the timing of the news have been any better handled?

Another batch of slappers, social misfits and downright scary people get locked in a house for three months. What levels can they sink to this time?

Why must there be so much flaming sport on terrestrial TV? Why are the minority interests of coach potato sport addicts pandered to so much? Does anyone have any answers?

With ITV's Top fifty shows being representative of nothing in particular we ask .... what is the point of these "Top XXX Shows"?

Following recent claims that Binge TV watching is the latest problem with our society we ask...what's wrong with TV Marathon viewings?

While we are waiting for the next hot topic to make us champ at the bit, I thought I'd record some Doctor Who daft ponderings that have occurred to me lately....