Cheryl Hall

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Wolfie Smith's girlfriend and much more
A friend of mine recently started work at a school, and came out to one of the teachers as a Doctor Who fan.  It turns out the teacher was in Doctor Who, and Citizen Smith, The Bill, Sykes, The Sweeney, Edna The Inebriate Woman, Callan, Crown Court, Survivors, and many more TV classics.
This person is Cheryl Hall, who also went on to lead the Labour County Council in Kent in the early 90s.  I met Cheryl at a Doctor Who group meeting on Friday and she is fantastically outgoing.  So I am very pleased to announce that she has agreed to come along to TellyNation2 as a guest.
Cheryl is pictured as Shirna from Doctor Who: Carnival of Monsters
Cheryl Hall

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