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Telly Nation

Also In Other Events

The original Collectormania is an event in the middle of a large shopping area in Milton Keynes.    You pay (usually between £15 - £20) for each autograph you require which can mean that a day out is extremely expensive, but the actual event is free.  To prevent boredom and pad out the day, there is also the extensive shopping mall which is a great added bonus, especially if your better half doesn't want to ogle celebrities all day!

Collectormania is growing and they now include guest talks - some free, some charge.  Its a good fun day out and they do usually pull in good and interesting guests too!

The MK centre is a modern building with tons of parking right outside (although some of it is pricey - watch out because it is "zoned" - the nearer the venue the greater the tariff!) They have truly excellent baby changing/feeding facilities with children sized toilets and everything imaginable to make things easy for parents.  

Find out more at: and see a list of when this popular event is next scheduled to happen

Collectormania has now expanded to other venues in Manchester and Glasgow.  Further information on these events can be found by following the links from the Collectormania web page.

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