Bob Fischer: Wiffle Lever to Full

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Unfortunately, due to illness Bob Fischer can no longer come to TellyNation2
Wiffle Lever To Full
Hello, my name is Bob Fischer and I spent a tiny bit of 2005 and most of 2006 going to British sci-fi and cult TV conventions. In order, I did - Doctor Who, Star Wars, Blakeís 7, James Bond, Star Trek, The Hitch Hikerís Guide To The Galaxy, The Prisoner, Discworld, Robin Of Sherwood, Monty Python and Red Dwarf.

I went to them purely as a fan of all this stuff, but after a few I started to think there was a good book to be written about this crazy, obsessive, brilliant parallel universe. Iíd never done anything like this before, but I started writing up a few choice stories and sent them out to some friendly-looking literary agents.

As a result, my book Wiffle Lever To Full! is being published by Hodder & Stoughton on 24th July 2008. Itís part travelogue, part field report and part memoir of growing up in the 1970s and 80s as a sci-fi fan. Itís full of Daleks, Death Stars and dreamy-eyed nostalgia for a world where the Doctor always won the day and there was usually beans-on-toast for tea.

It's meant to be really warm and affectionate, and just a celebration of both these crazy films and shows, and of the splendid people that devote their lives to loving them. Including me, although I'm not that splendid, I've usually got a face like marmite on a wasp. Oh, and it's available to pre-order now! At all good online retailers (and a few rubbish ones as well, probably...)
Bob will be reading excerpts from his book and signing copies at TellyNation2.

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