ITV 50 Cult Themes CD Competition Winner

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UK viewers can't fail to have noticed that ITV has been celebrating it's 50th Anniversary this year.  To help celebrate this milestone EMI/Virgin have issued special CD collections of memorable ITV theme tunes.

One of these collections is titled Cult Themes and is a double CD boasting 49 classic themes. (No I don't why it isn't 50 either!)

The track listing is as follows -

Disc One

1. The Avengers [1965]
2. Man In A Suitcase
3. The Saint
4. The Baron
5. Danger Man [1960]
6. The Prisoner
7. The Champions
8. The Persuaders
9. Danger Man [1964] - actually this track is Avenues & Alleyways
10. Department S
11. Jason King
12. The Sweeney
13. The Professionals
14. Dempsey And Makepeace
15. Randall & Hopkirk Deceased
16. Sapphire And Steel
17. Return Of The Saint
18. Mr. Rose Investigates
19. No Hiding Place
20. Echo Four-Two
21. Top Secret
22. Front Page Story
23. The Human Jungle
24. The Avengers [1961]

Disc Two

1. Stingray
2. Thunderbirds
3. Supercar
4. Captain Scarlet
5. Joe 90
6. Stingray [Aqua Marina)
7. Fireball XL5
8. Four Feather Falls
9. The Adventures Of Robin Hood
10. William Tell
11. The Army Game
12. The Strange World Of Gurney Slade
13. At Last The 1948 Show (The Ferret Song)
14. Strange Report
15. Hill Street Blues
16. The Streets Of San Francisco
17. Hawaii Five-O
18. Six Million Dollar Man
19. Space 1999
20. UFO
21. Batman
22. Mission Impossible
23. Dragnet
24. 77 Sunset Strip
25. Rawhide

Some of the themes sound like they are lifted directly from the programmes so include snippets of regular opening dialogue, but they do all appear to be the original versions, despite the booklet containing no details of who is performing the tracks.

Certainly everything has been available before in varying quality but it's jolly nice to have them all together in one handy collection.

And now to the question!

Rather amusingly the tracklist for the CD contains an error. Instead of the listed 1964 version of the Danger Man Theme you get Tony Christie performing Avenues And Alleyways - which show is this from?

The answer was The Proctectors.

Congratulations to our winner David Gorton.

Please note TellyNation competitions are currently only open to people in the UK.

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