Harry Aitch Fielder

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Harry Fielder is wonderfully interesting man who has been quietly clocking up an impressive CV of TV appearances. Click on to read more about his career

There are many people who have been quietly working away in television for years.  Harry “Aitch” Fielder is one of them.  You won’t have heard of him because the majority of his work has been in a supporting role as an extra but if you visit his website you will be amazed at the length of his career and at the varied roles he has covered.


He began work as an extra almost by chance in 1966 with an appearance on The Saint and called a halt in 1998 when he chose to devote more hours to his business. If you visit his website you will find a full list of his appearances and more full descriptive entries on many roles.


We asked Harry a few questions about a few of the many and varied shows he has worked on over the years.


TN: How proud are you of the fact that you were involved with/have worked on so many classic TV shows?!


HF: Now don't forget I started out as a singer in the 50s so to get up in front of people to act was more or less the same, I was proud to be in many of the top shows/films of the day, (But remember I was in the biz to get a living, I had a wife and three kids to feed) I took any job that came along and didn't complain. The production companies would use me again and again.


TN: You made several appearances in series like The Saint, Z Cars, Randall and Hopkirk deceased etc.  In the days before video/DVD did you ever consider the fact that people might recognise you in different roles on the same show?


HF: When doing those series you were normally background artists so you were hardly seen by the viewers, (you filled in the back of the shot) and besides you would walk out of shot, put a hat and coat on and walk back through shot again as A.N.Other,


 TN: Is there any TV show that you didn't appear on that you would have liked to?


HF: I've always fancied asking for a pint in the Rovers or the Woolpack..


TN: You were in The Zany Adventures of Robin Hood.  Do you have any memories of working on that film?


HF: Tom Baker was the villain and I had one day as the hangman and was dragged off the rostrum by one of the Merry Men (which was very scary)


TN: You did many years of extras work on Eastenders.  Any memories from that time?


HF: From 85-98, I had wonderful times on EastEnders ( and even did a couple of cast parts)
I've just retired from a ''Proper'' job and will try to see if EastEnders can use an old boy propping up the bar in the Vic supping a pint!


Did I enjoy my life?? YOU BETCHA!!

You can also read more about Harry by clicking here
  and listen to a radio interview with the man himself by clicking here

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