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So, What is a TellyNation?

Telly: informal. chiefly British. short for Television.
Nation: 1. an aggregation of people or peoples of one or more cultures,races etc organized into a single state. 2. a community of persons not constituting a state but bound by common language, descent, history etc.

We are a community from all over the world who appreciate television and are passionate in our likes and dislikes. We don't spend hours pondering over whether we should be ashamed for watching something on the TV. If we like it, we like it! If we don't, we don't!

Welcome to our world!

If you need to contact us drop a line to

Welcome to TellyNation

IDEAS ABOVE OUR STATIONS! We launched on 1st December 2004 and are now in our fourth year of existence! The TellyNation2 Convention will hit you where it hurts in September 2008 - more details in the Convention section!

Latest News

New guest for TellyNation2

A Guest change for TellyNation2 convention

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Articles about TV from the past, present and future.

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The Water Cooler

The most talked about stuff on TV - we're talking about it too!

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